Kittitornkool, J. et al (2019)

A ‘probiotic’ approach to agriculture is better for people and planet (commentary)

  • Reversing biodiversity loss is a critical component of limiting climate change and vice versa, but less widely acknowledged is how agriculture is needed to deliver both.
  • With agriculture occupying 40% of the world’s land surface, governments with the greatest chance of meeting conservation goals on all fronts will be those that address healthy food production, mitigating climate change and regenerating biodiversity as three sides of the same triangle.
  • Agriculture can contribute to climate action and conservation, but only if managed as unique ecosystems capable of producing both healthy food and environmental goods.
  • This article is a commentary. The views expressed are those of the author, not necessarily Mongabay.

Countries the world over have this year made milestone pledges at three separate international summits to transform food systems, tackle climate change and protect biodiversity. But the reality is that these challenges are inextricably linked and are part of a single, global conversation about securing a healthier, more just and sustainable future.

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