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Towards sustainable intensification: Insights and solutions


Since its inception in 2012, WLE has developed scientific evidence and solutions for sustainably intensifying agriculture. For us, sustainable intensification means more than minimizing agriculture’s environmental footprint; it means making sure that agriculture adds value to the environment, while it supplies global populations with sufficient food, nutrition and income.


But achieving resilient food systems requires identifying incentives for sustainable farming, developing new policies and institutions, as well as testing and scaling integrated solutions that work across sectors, disciplines and scales. Such innovations are what we have worked to develop. The program’s findings are summarized in a new series of briefs, available below.


Each brief is focused on a topic of strategic relevance to sustainable intensification of agriculture and provides analysis of and recommendations on how to place sustainability at the heart of agri-food systems. We aim to guide and support decision and policy makers, investors and others working to achieve sustainable intensification of agriculture.

Tools and Approaches