Governance and policy

Evidence-based recommendations can help improve policies and institutions for governance of natural resources. WLE is working to transform its evidence base into actionable, clear recommendations that will improve the sustainability and equity of natural resources management globally. And our evidence and solutions have fed into government policies around the world.

Natural resources governance

The key to sustainable development may be equitable governance of natural resources, including land and water. WLE provides insights into how governance structures can be improved, to the benefits of both farmers and the environment.

Decision support for policy making

With growing variability and uncertainty across all sectors, making wise development and investment decisions is becoming increasingly difficult. WLE is developing new decision-support tools and approaches to increase the chance of making decisions that result in positive outcomes.

Transboundary governance

The challenge of governing water resources is compounded when river basins or watersheds stretch across national borders, with multiple countries having different, and sometimes competing, interests. WLE is working with stakeholders to find better ways to govern transboundary water resources, including through inclusive, participatory approaches.