Thrive Network for sustainable agriculture researchers

Compelling discussion, commentary, stories on agriculture within thriving ecosystems.

What is ThriveNet?

Thrive Network connects and supports researchers working on sustainable agricultural research.

  • Researcher connection: We help connect WLE, IWMI, CGIAR and external researchers to share findings, launch collaborations, and improve their research. We also aim to help researchers connect with media, NGOs, policy-makers, private sector and others that can help turn their science into solutions.
  • Support: We help researchers access internal and external communication channels, opportunities for funding, training and resources.
  • Media: We can help researchers connect effectively with media through field events or workshops.

How can I join?

WLE and IWMI researchers are already members through our work and we invite them to join us on social media. Others are also encouraged to join us on social media:  

>> ThriveNet Facebook

>> ThriveNet LinkedIn

What is ThriveNet trying to achieve?

Sustainable agriculture research attempts to provide solutions for the world’s biggest food-related challenges. But the research itself suffers from its own array of challenges. Budget crunches, lack of public interest, limited means to communicate ideas, and limited opportunities to link across borders to solve problems at regional and global levels. Solutions sometimes remain undiscovered or disconnected, and ideas that could change the world often remain in the pages of reports or journals.

Through Thrive, WLE aims to improve researchers’ skills, funds, connections, media savvy, and research uptake so that the network helps the CGIAR, the broader research community, decision-makers and media.

What can ThriveNet offer me?

Thrive Network aims to support researchers through the following:

  • NETWORK: Connection to 100s of researchers in the WLE network, and 1000s throughout CGIAR. Supporting sustainable agriculture researchers to connect, share evidence, find collaboration opportunities, and share resources through events, email newsletters, social media groups.
  • THRIVE BLOG: Help researchers tell policy-makers, researchers, NGOs, others about your discoveries through our popular Thrive Blog. We can help researchers draft or edit. We also aim to get republished on sites like Reuters, EuractivZilientMekong Eye, local news like the Bangkok Post or UN and donor or sectoral publications.
  • PROMOTE FINDINGS: Catalog, promote, and use social media to inform nearly 25,000 WLE followers (scientists, donors, NGOs etc) about projects, findings, reports, news, articles, briefs, events.
  • COMMUNICATIONS SUPPORT: Provide help with briefs, fact sheets or proposals.
  • MEDIA SUPPORT: Provide help with press release, event, interview, or social media. Connect researchers to local, regional and global journalists.
  • THRIVENET UPDATES: Members get regular emails curating funding, research, training, event and other opportunities, and showcasing some of the world’s most important findings.
  • GRANTS: WLE and partner opportunities to apply for research grants, attend global conferences, or scale your ideas from local to global.
  • LEARNING: Advisory support on gender, monitoring and evaluation. Free access to paid journal articles. Access to upcoming webinars and data platform. Opportunities to attend learning workshops.

For more information:

>> ThriveNet Facebook

>> ThriveNet LinkedIn

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