Big Questions

Certainly a point that we spend a lot of time thinking about. In the fuller version of the WLE Ecosystem Service Framework, we have spent quite a bit of time considering synergies and tradeoffs. There will be points of conflict no doubt. Negotiation and dialogue will need to be emphasized as an important element of the framework. For incentives, we identify the three means by which ES benefit people - for agriculture, the incentive should be seen through improvements in yield, reduced costs, increased resilience. We recognize a second pathway which is through financial mechanisms, which includes PES, certification, or greater market access - we need much better dialogue between markets and ES providers. And finally direct benefits such as hazard mitigation, non-timber forest products, etc... Alex Fremier and I recently published a paper with other colleagues on matching ecological and governance scales : Understanding Spatiotemporal Lags in Ecosystem Services to Improve Incentives